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Empowering people in their careers through strategic coaching

The future

is yours to



Considering a career change?

Unsure of your next role, or how to navigate a period of career transition?

Using the power of profound coaching inquiries, proven frameworks and career strategies, I can assist you to connect the dots between where you are and your desired destination.


Interested in increasing your leadership presence?

Is your communication style achieving the impact you desire?

Executive Performance Coaching is about generating greater personal effectiveness and performance levels, so that you can realize more of your potential, both professionally and personally.

Over my career I've provided coaching or facilitation services to private clients and corporates:

One-on-one coaching is one of the leading tools that successful people use to empower career change, enhance leadership and achieve breakthroughs in professional performance


I am a mid-senior executive, currently leading news partnerships for Google Australia. I first reached out to Rachael for a career transition. Instead of jumping into the tactics, Rachael used her integrated approach to really help me understand my values, unlock huge amounts of self-confidence and double down on my superpowers so that when I was finally ready, I was able to get the job I wanted within a month! Rachael has also helped me grow as a leader. My deep understanding of the way my inner saboteur surfaces and manifests has made me much more confident in staying true to my strengths, as a result of which I have solved bigger problems, led more assertively and taken on stretch opportunities that I would have considered beyond my capabilities before. (SJ)